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The One Question You Should Never Ask a Married Couple

I’ve blogged before about the relentless questions from Aunties and other prying busy-bodies about when we (and other newly married couples) are planning to have children. Even a non-Muslim 30-something, who herself is childless after 7 years of marriage, asked me last week when we were planning to start a family. I gave her a haughty look of derision and mumbled “not sure”. She hadn’t known me more than five minutes before asking me this question. A new record.

Because naturally, once you’re married, the only logical next step is to start popping out babies left and right...especially if you’re a Muslim. Some older ladies (mostly at the schools I work at) go as far as looking towards my stomach, watching for any site of a bump. “Sorry, I’m just bloated today” I feel like replying or “Sorry, I’m menstruating and my usually pear-sized uterus is now double the size and wreaking havoc”. That should keep them quiet for a while.

Despite it simply not being appropriate to ask anyone this q…

The Call

So I received an “interesting” phone call from a mother whose grade 7 daughter is in my health class. I don’t think anyone has attempted to assassinate my integrity the way she did.

Where do I even begin?

She accused me of telling the girls it’s OK to use tampons (which I did not). Even when I clarified to her that I only told the girls to not use the word “haraam” (Islamically forbidden) when speaking about tampons, she said how I’m encouraging the girls to lose their virginity (false and myth-based) and that endorsing tampons will have disastrous effects because they’ll (logically) want to start having sex too. She went on to tell me that it’s also wrong to make girls feel empowered about their menstrual cycle. When I explained how it’s not healthy for menstruating girls to call themselves “dirty" because it impacts their self-esteem, she continued to focus on me "poisoning their minds". She went on and on about how this class shouldn’t include religion (umm, so you …